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Imperial 3D Printing & Design

Imperial 3D Printing Baby Crystal Dragon

Imperial 3D Printing Baby Crystal Dragon

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Each Baby Crystal Dragon is approximately 12 inches long for the medium size and 7 inches long for the small .  Each section along the entire body moves, including the feet. The Baby Crystal Dragon is designed to look like the baby version of the Crystal Dragon. This dragon makes a great fidget toy or decoration.

This Baby Crystal Dragon is designed by Cinderwing3D. 

Color changing filament is random. We can not choose the color placement on the final product. Larger prints will have more color changes. Small prints may not have any color changes at all. Items made from color changing filament will always be unique. Glow in the dark filaments will all appear white in daylight. Occasionally filament companies will change their colors slightly or discontinue the colors we use. For this reason our print colors may vary slightly.

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